An AARC Emergency Preparedness Plan enables your district to implement a multi-hazard emergency operations plan while fulfilling the requirements of S.B. 11: 

The plan will follow the U.S. Department of Education’s Sequence Of Crisis Management by addressing:
Mitigation/Prevention – what schools and districts can do to reduce or eliminate risk to life and property.
Preparedness – the process of planning for the worst-case scenario.
Response -the steps to take during a crisis.
Recovery – how to restore the learning and teaching environment after a crisis.


The plan will provide for:
  • district employee training in responding to an emergency
  • mandatory school drills to prepare district students and employees for responding to an emergency
  • measures to ensure coordination with local emergency management agencies, law
  • enforcement, and fire departments in the event of an emergency; and the implementation of required security audit.
To the greatest extent possible, AARC will follow security audit procedures developed by the Texas School Safety Center or a comparable public or private entity.