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AARC Uniformed Services Support ProgramAARC Environmental, Inc., Announces Free Services for Small Businesses with Personnel Transferred to Active Duty: AARC-ASSIST™ Houston — March 20, 2003 — Houston-based AARC Environmental, Inc., (AARC) a nationwide environmental health and safety (EH&S) consulting firm announced today a new cost-free EH&S regulatory compliance assistance program for small businesses: AARC-ASSIST™. This new program offers, without any obligation, free AARC consulting services to qualified small businesses that have been adversely affected by personnel transfers to active duty in the Uniformed Services of the United States of America. Details are available from AARC Director of Operations (and current AARC-ASSIST™ Program Manager), Kenny Chainani. Kenny can be reached at (866) 276-2272 or email“We at AARC feel that this free AARC-ASSIST™ program is our patriotic duty to support the small business community while our nation is at war,” said Mr. Chainani. “During past conflicts, many small businesses could not survive the absence of key personnel on extended active duty. Many veterans returned to civilian life to find their former employers had gone out of business.”Dave Killough, the Program Manager, expressed an additional concern. “ES&H regulations such as EPA, OSHA, and MSHA provide no compliance waivers because of hardships imposed on small businesses by personnel transfers to active duty assignments. This continued full compliance requirement could have devastating consequences for small businesses. We at AARC are prepared to do our part to help provide the small business sector of our economy with some relief.”AARC provides our Clients with turnkey consulting programs in environmental permitting, CWA, NPDES, CAA, NSR, EPCRA, TRI, RCRA, HAZCOM, HAZMAT, MSDS and other related ES&H areas. AARC was established in 1994 in Houston, TX. We have offices in major cities throughout the United States, from New York to Los Angeles.