Site Investigation Services

Decisions regarding the approach to remedial actions are not taken lightly. AARC appreciates the importance of both short- and long-range goals. After selecting a remedial alternative based on information developed during the feasibility study, the treatment system design goes through several detailed reviews from conceptual to final design. Included in the final design is a detailed cost estimate and projected work schedule.

On approval of the design and cost, AARC will implement the remediation system. Standard procedures include:

  • Soil excavation using thermal and land application treatment technologies.
  • In situ soil treatment using soil vapor extraction (SVE) technology.
  • In situ soil and ground water treatment using air sparging technology.
  • Above grade biological treatment of soils containing petroleum hydrocarbons.
  • Ground water and free-phase product recovery from recovery well and recovery trench systems using air stripping, biological methods, and/or activated carbon treatment technologies.