Once the need for site remediation is determined, clients typically benefit from the evaluation of a number of alternatives. These alternatives take into account a variety of cost, logistical, regulatory, and time-frame parameters. This up-front assessment helps us develop an approach that is satisfactory to the regulatory agencies, and which optimizes the goals and objectives of our client.

Our feasibility study experience ranges from small projects with one or two presumptive technical remedies to large-scale projects requiring the evaluation of a range of alternatives and process options. Through a combination of traditional know-how and real-time site-specific information, the process is streamlined, resulting in minimum expense and maximum progress.

AARC personnel have conducted remedial assessments and implemented corrective actions at sites across the country. Our ability to combine innovative technologies with the best engineering practices has enabled us to select the most cost-effective options. We have a reputation for effectively managing both routine and problematic situations in a way that guarantees client satisfaction