Accident prevention goes hand-in-hand with safety awareness. Correct practices put in place processes and systems that promote excellence, prevent errors and advance business goals. Companies pursue accident prevention because:
  • they want a safe work environment
  • they want to reduce the cost of doing business by cutting down on injuries
  • they want to reduce insurance premiums
  • they know a pro-active safety program is good for the company and good for the workers
What can AARC offer?
  • a structured pro-active approach based on proven success
  • a written safety management plan emphasizing management leadership & acceptance of safety responsibility at all levels
  • implementation training implementation assistance & facilitation
  • OSHA-required written standards customized process safety management expertise
  • auditing & specific training
  • professional advice & assistance
  • advice & help with OSHA visits & citations
In any effort to market a product or service, the objective of a safe and efficient operation should be the only acceptable standard.